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    • April 01, 2017
    • 10:00 AM
    • December 31, 2017
    • 11:00 AM
    • Online

    This course is designed to build your essential computer technology skills as a paralegal! All this in six one-hour sessions for just $59.00 for non-members, $39.00 for Paralegal Plus members and free for Paralegal Passport members! (This is On Demand once you register and pay you will be assigned to the Teamroom. Ignore the dates and times.)

    1. All files you will need for this course will be supplied to you by way of a teamroom you will be invited to.
    2. Hardware/Media Technology you will be learning:
    3. Projectors
    4. Audio editing/capture
    5. Elmos
    6. VGA/Hdmi
    7. Hard drives
    8. Apricot hard drive recovery of data
    9. Smart phone scanning to pdf files
    10. Video adapters for tablets and laptops
    11. Videos on how to use Word Outline view:  
    12. Powtoons
    13. Prezi

    1. What is a gigapan? and how and why to create these - see for examples
    2. Three Presentation Tools:
    3. Using Prezi vs. Powerpoint (explanation of Prezi vs. Powerpoint) 
    4. Powtoons 
    5. Hyperlinks/bookmarks in Word and how to use these to create clickable table of contents for each of your chapter outlines.
    6. Still images out of a video into Powerpoint

    1. Quick Parts in Word
    2. Heat issues regarding CPU and how to avoid slowing down a computer
    3. 3d images and how they are created
    4. How to connect an iphone to a microscope and take photos

    1. How to zip a file using win zip
    2. Hotdocs basics
    3. Create a Word Macros
    4. Pacer and how to use it

    1. Create a spreadsheet that totals and averages data and include a chart
    2. Create an Access database
    3. How to insert pictures into an Access database
    4. Connecting laptop to a projector
    5. How to minimize metadata in Excel spreadsheets:

    1. Abacus Law
    2. Create a spreadsheet with 5 rows of data and import this into Access 
    3. IOLTA Accounts: How to Manage IOLTA accounts with TABS 3 


    1. How to Enhance Images using Image software
    2. In this session we will use this online cloud photo editor that is similar to Photoshop, a common software program for enhancing images. 
    3. Rules regarding what you can do to enhance a digital image

    1. How to Recover data from a hard drive that won't boot or when the "shell" it is in won't work 
    2. Example of how an object can be removed from a digital image
    3. How to quickly get a list of all files on a hard drive, usb stick or cd into a Word document.

    1. TimeMap 
    2. Create TimeLines with TimeMap
    3. Create a timeline in Powerpoint
    4. Gom Player and how to extract a sequence of images and import into Powerpoint

    In the above sessions you will have learned how to accomplish all the attorneys ask you to do in the following 12 scenarios and we will review how to meet these objectives:

    1. An attorney asks you to make it easier for him to insert certain 'canned' paragraphs into his documents.  He gives you the text of 3 paragraphs and asks you if there is a way he can just click somewhere and the paragraph will be inserted right where he wants it.  What software tool will you use to do this?  Create a word document that has this feature in it and be sure the 3 paragraphs will be inserted when he chooses to do so.
    2. An attorney asks you to put a sequence of images from a video into a Powerpoint slideshow.  Explain what software you would use to do this and extract a sequence of images from the video file he provides and get them into Powerpoint explaining hos you did this.  You will have to install this software.
    3. An attorney gives you a bunch of dates and events and asks you to create a timeline for him.
    4. What software do you choose?  Create the timeline in that software and save it to your X: drive.
    5. An attorney gives you an image in which there is a lot of shadow on the eyes of a person and he wants to see those eyes brighter and better.  Do this for him using software we used in class.  Resave the image to your X: drive.
    6. An attorney says he wants a panorama view of an area but one into which he can zoom with greater resolution than a normal panorama.  You have a bunch of images that need to be stitched together into this panorama.  You may as an option install the software and stitch the images together then save the result to the X: drive.
    7. An attorney asks you to create a calendar that automatically calculates due dates on various documents that need to be submitted to the court.  What software do you choose.
    8. An attorney asks you to put together a mailing list of all clients into some software program.
    9. An attorney tells you he wants an index in a document regarding a contract and he wants to be able to click and go to certain sections of the contract when showing it to the client.
    10. An attorney repeatedly asks you to type certain paragraphs in various documents.
    11. An attorney asks you to create a list of all files on a disk and put that list into a Word document.
    12. Time spent on these assignments
    • June 21, 2017
    • December 21, 2017
    • online

    This course will swiftly get you up to speed on all aspects of HR from legal and compliance issues to hiring and firing, benefits administration, records keeping retention and more! There are 4 hours of recorded sessions including PowerPoints. Study on your own schedule.

    Originally recorded October, 2015.

    • November 29, 2017
    • January 03, 2018
    • 5 sessions
    • Online

    This intensive program combines proven techniques with peer interaction and insights from top managers to help you master the competencies of effective paralegal leadership.

    Discover how to use your power, expertise and influence to achieve goals, build alliances across departments, establish strong working relationships and create passion in your department, team and organization.

    Here is an overview of some of the topics we'll cover:

    • Assessment, Evaluation & Review Process
    • Insider’s Guide to Recruiting From the Hidden Market
    • Hiring and Terminations - How and When
    • High Stakes Negotiations

    Organizational Development and Training & Utilization

    • Developing Smooth Running Paralegal Depts.
    • Motivation & Rewards
    • Building Trial Teams
    • Getting Buy-In From Your Firm
    • Utilization of Firm Resources
    • What to do with Senior Paralegals
    • Effective Team Building
    • Professional Development & Training
    • Training Attorneys on Proper Utilization of Paralegals
    • Onboarding Programs to Ensure Longevity of Employees 

    Development and Initiation of Workflow Systems

    • Project Management and Workflow Systems
    • Assigning Matters and Managing Workflow
      Charts That Work
    • You as the Change Agent and Organizational Development
    • Dealing with Difficult Personalities
    • Working with Virtual Teams
    • Program Review


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